Murals, Paintings & Puzzles 

A commissioned mural painting for the roof-terrace of the Camden Dental Practice in London.
The brief was to create an abstract geometric design featuring the practice’s brand colours: orange and blue, but elevate it to a playful design with hints of optical illusions and forced perspective.
Designed & painted in the summer of 2020.


Toy Block World

Ongoing series - personal work

An exploration of handpainted colourful abstract toy worlds on wood, cardstock and puzzles.
Started during the height of the pandemic in 2020, this originally started in the form of paper-collage and slowly branched out to different materials when access to my studio became difficult - resulting into painting over an old jigsaw-puzzle when locked at home with Covid. This is an ongoing series explores themes of nostalgia, 90's childhood and studies the modern day 21st century world vs the concept of 'a simpler time'. 
The aim of this project for both myself & the viewer is to keep playing, building & learning.

This page will be updated regularly - Behind the scenes and timelapse videos can be found on instagram.




The Dolfing Box

Handcut wooden toy block-set puzzle

Toy Block Land

Hand-painted original puzzle 

Imaginary Murals

Proposals and bespoke designs for mural paintings that haven't been realised (yet).
This is part of a personal series where I aim to transform derelict and old buildings around London, into colourful new ones, one wall at a time. 

You can follow the full process on instagram @imaginary.murals