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AT&T Campaign

Artist: Annemarieke Kloosterhof 
Agency: Critical Mass
Client: AT&T, USA

I was commissioned by AT&T to create their full digital, online and print campaign for 2020! The project took nearly 3 months from start to finish, and was created during lockdown. With me being in London and the client being in Canada & The USA, the entire project was made remotely whilst we worked from home.

The campaign contained over 50+ paper-cut illustrations, icons and characters, which were drawn by hand, digitally mocked up, paper-cut and assembled, then photographed and edited as the final library of illustrations, which were then animated by the client into short videos and gifs for online use. A small number of the final paper-cut illustrations are highlighted below. 


Work In Progress:

Every icon, illustration and composition was first sketched by hand in pencil. This was both done because it was a quick way to get rough ideas on paper for the client to approve, as well as a way to create more organic hand-drawn shapes and lines, which would then be easy to follow in the paper-cut stage.

All illustrations were made up of real paper-cut objects, characters and environments which were created by hand, after which they were photographed to create the final illustrations.

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