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Efteling In Concert

Illustrator: Annemarieke Kloosterhof
Director: Jerom Fischer
Production Design: Jason van Domburg 
Client: Metropole Orkest & Cinema In Concert

I was approached by Jason & Jerom to join their team, and the 3 of us worked on a 70 minute in-camera animation for the Efteling In Concert by the Metropole Orchestra in The Netherlands.
Though production took place in The Netherlands, I worked remotely from London on all illustration work during the first months of 2022, due to Covid restrictions. Jason & Jerom designed, build & shot all the scenes in Rotterdam.

After months of pre-production, weeks of filming and even more editing - the full length movie made up of dozens of independent fairytales and stories, became a reality.

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It was a dream project to work on and the creative freedom I was given to flesh out the stories of de Efteling was incredible. I not only got to illustrate all the characters, but also got to visualise and storyboard some of the scenes to the beat of the music. "Joris & De Draak", "Ravelijn", "Oscar", "Spookslot", "Droomvlucht", "Fata Morgana" and "De 6 Dienaren" were some of my favourite scenes. A brilliant project with an even more brilliant team!


My initial storyboard, colour references and layout recommendations for the final editing and cinematography of the fairytale of "Ravelijn".
One of my favourite stories to illustrate.

More coming soon!

For all the behind the scenes, development & making of pictures please check my instagram:

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