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Handmade Recycled Paper-Pulp Artworks

In a way to be more environmentally friendly in the way I work, and to become aware of the amount of leftover paper off-cuts that go to waste after each project, I decided to experiment with different ways of recycling my unused paper.

Going back to the traditional roots of paper and the main reason I started working with this medium all those years ago: to create something truly bespoke and handmade.

All artworks are one of a kind, completely hand made and are for sale.

FINAL BLUE NUDE - small.jpg

Click on the artwork to see the full project.

Are you interested in commissioning a bespoke piece? 

If you're interested in commissioning a new artwork, send me an email with your ideal size, rough idea of budget and any preference on design style or colour-scheme. Recycled paper-pulp artworks can take from 2 weeks to up to 2 months to make. It will be completely handmade and truly one of a kind - definitely worth the wait!



A commercial bespoke commission for an in-store installation at the Adidas flagship store on Oxford Street in London. The project was produced in collaboration with agency POCKO, and the entire piece was made from sustainably sourced materials and offcuts.


Want to learn more about recycled paper pulp and how I make my artworks?

All behind the scenes, work in progress photos and even time-lapse videos of these paper pulp projects can be viewed exclusively on my Patreon page. Click below to follow the link.

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