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Three UK, Cardboard Sculptures

Paper Artist: Annemarieke Kloosterhof 
Agent: Pocko
Client: Three UK & Mischief

Working together with my agents at POCKO, we were approached by mobile phone company Three UK to work with them on their connectivity campaign for 2021. Research showed that 90% of people who buy a new phone, hang on to the box packaging for several months if not years, and never throw away the little cardboard box.. just in case. 
The brief was to recycle old phone boxes and to create 2 cardboard sculptures for their instore display. The project then snowballed into a collaboration with Kaiser Chief’s lead singer Ricky Wilson and helping him make his paper dog, a radio interview, and a paper-craft Christmas workshop at the Three flagship store on Oxford Street!

Three UK
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The first is a personal piece: A cardboard paper phone with a giant cardboard rose blooming out of the Whatsapp picture message frame.

My 90 year old Grandma calls me “Roosje” (Dutch for Little Rose) and stays in touch regularly via WhatsApp texts. Because I was unable to visit The Netherlands for so long during the pandemic, she would start sending me pictures of flowers that reminded her of me! This led to me ordering bouquets of flowers online to be delivered to her & granddad’s house just so she would have more roses to take pictures of.

The second sculpture is more general and represents a tower block of people in their own homes, staying connected throughout lockdown by means of modern technology.