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Hide & Seek

Art Direction: Annemarieke Kloosterhof 
Photography: Nick Dunne
Client: Personal project/ Collaboration

The Hide & Seek series explores abstract spaces and minimalist architecture in a playful manner, creating 9 miniature sets made completely out of paper! Taking influences from M.C. Escher & Ricardo Bofill, with hints to 3D rendered images and a nod to old fashioned children’s wooden toy blocks, “Hide and Seek” invites you to dive in and explore a range of bold and colourful rooms.
The warm, open spaces are made in a monochrome palette, each representing one of the three primary colours of light: Red, Green & Blue. The paper sets play with light & shadow, adding depth and creating interesting contrasts of colour on the floor, walls and corners of the room. Small white balls playfully interact with the architecture, and seem to be playing hide and seek behind arches, on top of staircases and in the alcoves of meandering corridors.

Behind The Scenes: 

The entire project was made by hand and is completely constructed out of paper & ping-pong balls.


Licensing of prints can be made available upon request.

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