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Nostalgia, aka: "Rebuild"

The piece was created during the pandemic in July 2021, and reflects on simpler times and the re-structure that lies ahead now we are slowly coming out of Lockdown. The piece is made entirely from recycled paper pulp with the addition of pigments and water for the blending process. The piece is purposely created by hand to reflect the hard work and manual labour we have to put into our society to get it back up. The gaps in between the blocks show the missing information we still need to truly prepare us for the future. The perspective is neither flat nor 3D, but lives somewhere in between, as no one is quite sure how we climb to the top.The different colours show how diverse our communities and industries are that make up our post-pandemic world, and are vibrantly coloured to suggest positive change and hope for the future.

Size: Roughly A3 (unframed)

Price: £1250,-


Want to buy this original artwork, or interested in commissioning something similar?

For more information send an email to:

The full project including concept sketches, BTS timelapse videos and WIP pictures are on my Patreon!

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