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Puzzle Design

Personal project

A self-initiated "Lockdown project" created during the height of the pandemic, shifting focus to old fashioned forms of entertainment with a fresh new look, puzzles and painting! The aim was to create a design that expressed the main thing we needed to get through months of isolation: playful joy, some structure, and happy positive colours!

The puzzle is currently exhibited as a large A1 framed art-piece at Stour Gallery, Haggerston in London and is for sale.

Framed puzzle + Box = £1000


Work in Progress

Being stuck indoors during quarantine with nothing to do, except re-making an old dusty puzzle from the charity shop, was the perfect setting to start a creative project with minimal materials: An up-cycled old puzzle, some old paintbrushes and some half used paint & spray-cans  found in storage boxes.

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