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Imogen Heap - Music Video "Surayo"

Paper Set Design: Annemarieke Kloosterhof 
Director: Vasilisa Forbes
DOP: David Crawley
Producer: Jesus Rubio
Client: Universal Music UK

Paper set design constructed entirely by hand, for Imogen Heap & Guy Sigsworth's music video "Surayo".
Inspired by traditional Japanese art prints, the paper set design mimics the ocean and features paper koi carpers jumping out of the moving water whilst seagulls fly above. The set transforms from day into night, with the iconic red sun slowly changing into a golden sky with a crescent moon and stars.

Behind The Scenes

All effects were created in camera, and the paper animals, waves & illusion of wind were all animated by hand using fishing-wire and choreographed movement. Apart from the boat, the entire set was made out of paper & cardboard

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