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Viktor & Rolf

Photography: Van Santen & Bolleurs 
Paper Models: Annemarieke Kloosterhof 
Client: Viktor & Rolf fragrances, L’Oreal - 
Fantasy City campaign 2018

I was commissioned by Mrs Robbinson to work together with Dutch photographers duo Wendy van Santen & Hans Bolleurs on their Fantasy City campaign for Viktor & Rolf Perfumes, and was asked to create 6 famous landmarks in meticulous detail, cut by hand and to scale, made completely out of paper.

The Miniature Models

Work In Progress:

I was brought onboard to create 6 famous landmarks, by hand and to scale, completely out of paper-craft: The Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Puerta de Alcalá, Burj Khalifa and Tower of Pisa. Each building was approximately 35 cm tall, and included as much tiny paper details as possible, with anything from pillars and brickwork, to tiny statues and marble plaques… all cut out of paper.


Visual Merchandising & In-store Illustrations


After creating the miniature paper buildings for the set design of the 2 posters, I was commissioned by L’Oreal as the official illustrator for their 2018 campaign, supplying over 30+ illustrations for their visual merchandising and instore displays across the world – creating digital architecture illustrations based on the style of my paper-craft models tying in the whole project in one cohesive style.

The visuals can be seen in airports, shopping malls, perfume stores and duty free shops across the globe, with different illustrations for each city: Schiphol, Amsterdam, Paris, Dublin, London, Madrid, Rome, Barcelona, Dubai, Oslo, Kopenhagen, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Portugal & Beruit, and many more.
One example of these cityscape illustrations can be seen below.

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