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Group Exhibition - Matisse & Contemporary Paper Artists

I’m super excited to announce that my 6 miniature to-scale paper craft models of famous Landmarks are currently on display to the public for the very first time at the @rheged_centre Paper Craft exhibition, alongside none other than Matisse!

I created these piece 5 years ago and it’s been incredibly rewarding taking it out of storage after all these years!

The exhibition showcases work from the best contemporary paper artists alive today, as well as a collection of 35 pieces by Matisse, on loan from the Hayward Gallery. My 6 miniature models will be on display to the public for over 3 months, as the exhibition runs the whole summer until September 2022.

The paper miniatures are an almost exact replica of the giant real-life landmarks, which I was able to recreate to minute scale by studying hundreds of tourist photos.

My absolute favourite part of creating this project were all the elaborate details, such as laying the super satisfying paper bricks, the marble plates & statues… and of course the teeny tiny paper-cut centaurs which were smaller than 1 cm!

Below the full list of the Paper Artists participating in this huge group exhibition.

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