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New 3D artworks for sale: Bauhaus Series

"Bauhaus Rules" is a series of 3 artworks that started off as a reinterpretation of my recycled paper artwork titled “Red Square, Blue Circle, Yellow Triangle”. I wanted to see what would happen if I approached the same design from a less organic and a much more graphic (yet still hand-made) approach…

I wanted to experiment with a deconstructed image using the primary shapes and colours of the Bauhaus movement, but from a 3D perspective. Still abiding by the same rules but in a much more geometric style! The 3 pieces in this "Bauhaus Rules" series are cut & made by hand and are all one of a kind. They are A3 in size and are approximately 2.5 cm deep.

For Sale:

Size: A3 shadow box frames Material: Paper Craft

Price: £450 each or £1200 for the complete series.

Each one is handmade and one of a kind.

If you want to see how these pieces were made check out my Patreon for work in progress photos!

If you are interested in purchasing one or all of the artworks email me at: for more information.

By Annemarieke Kloosterhof

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