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Film & Set-Design

Bespoke handcrafted pieces: from miniature models to large scale filmsets!

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Stop Motion & Animation

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Highlighted Projects


AT&T - Illustration Campaign 2020

I was commissioned by AT&T to create their full digital, online and print campaign for 2020! The project took nearly 3 months from start to finish, and was created during London’s first lockdown. The campaign contained over 50+ paper-cut illustrations, icons and characters, which were drawn by hand, digitally mocked up, paper-cut and assembled, then photographed and edited as the final library of illustrations, which were then animated by the client for online use.

Un/Locked - Collage Series

Un/Locked is a series of 7 portraits, showing a diverse range of kids and how each of them experienced a year in lockdown. Based on a series of interviews and a photoshoot, we created paper artworks based on my interpretation of the kid’s answers.
The collage series was featured in the magazine Hooligans on the 1 year anniversary of the start of Lockdown and made the front cover.

FINAL MURAL small res-001.jpg

Puzzle Design

A self-initiated lockdown project during the height of the pandemic, shifting focus to old fashioned forms of entertainment with a fresh new look, puzzles and painting! The aim was to create a design that expressed the main thing we needed to get through months of isolation: playful joy, some structure, and happy positive colours!

Mural Painting: Camden Dental Centre

A commissioned mural painting for the roof-terrace of the Camden Dental Practice in London. The brief was to create an abstract geometric design featuring the practice’s brand colours: orange and blue, but elevate it to a playful design with hints of optical illusions and forced perspective. Designed & painted in the summer of 2020.


Blue Nude: Recycled Paper Artwork

A self developed technique using paper-pulp to create almost paint-like fine artworks. The first in a series exploring the boundaries of female sexuality and self expression, which questions the line between Painting: where female nudes are considered Fine Art, and Nude Selfies: which is considered crude, low-brow and even taboo! 

Adidas: Recycled Paper Installation

A commissioned installation project of a large scale recycled handmade paper-pulp  artwork for the Adidas flagship store on Oxford Street in London, and was installed in February 2021.

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Fine Art Paintings

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